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At SAP Professional Journal, our mission is to help you build your skills and achieve the business goals of the organizations you serve. This anthology, a collection of articles recently published in SAP Professional Journal and BI Expert, has been curated with this guiding principle in mind — to help you advance your ABAP skills and stay on the leading edge of SAP technology.

Table of Contents 

Making Sense of ABAP-Based Interface Technologies in the Modern IT Landscape ..... 3
by James Wood, Founder and Principal Consultant, Bowdark Consulting, Inc
Survey modern ABAP-based interface technologies supported by SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP). Look at the pros and cons of each technology and identify typical usage scenarios. Develop a decision table that can be used to determine when and where to apply specific interface technologies.

An Introduction to SAP Business Suite on HANA for ABAP Developers ..... 12
by James Wood, Founder and Principal Consultant, Bowdark Consulting, Inc
Now that a majority of the core SAP Business Suite applications have been enhanced to run on SAP HANA technology, many ABAP developers are left wondering how this transition might affect them in the future. See how SAP HANA technology is integrated and used in systems using the SAP Business Suite.

Case Study: Encapsulation Design Techniques in ABAP ..... 15
by James Wood, Founder and Principal Consultant, Bowdark Consulting, Inc
Walk through four case studies in encapsulation techniques with ABAP code. See how the variations in the techniques could be applied to your situation, simplifying code that may have gotten out of hand.

Avoid Manual Effort by Implementing an Alphanumeric Generator in ABAP ..... 22
by Vipin Nagpal, Senior Consultant, SAP India Pvt. Ltd
Alphanumeric numbers can be saved in a database at the successful completion of an SAP transaction. Later, you can use the same number to identify a unique record. A use case shows how to generate alphanumeric numbers using an ABAP function module, thus saving manual work and reducing errors.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Implement Message Handling in Web Dynpro for ABAP ..... 42
by Vipin Nagpal, Senior Consultant, SAP India Pvt. Ltd
Learn how to implement message handling in Web Dynpro for ABAP. Discover three techniques for how to do this, and step through a demo scenario to see which technique is best for your situation.

How You Can Benefit from the ABAP Package Concept ..... 50
by Alfred Barzewski, Senior Developer, SAP AG
Learn about the package concept in the area of ABAP-based application development. Understand the essentials of the package framework, following various case studies and concrete tasks from the daily routine of the ABAP developer as examples. Attention is focused on how you can use the package concept to benefit your own development.

What Every BW/BI Developer Needs to Know About ABAP in BW ..... 66
by Sam Gassem, Senior Business Consultant/BW Lead, Rural Sourcing, Inc
Over time every BW developer needs to write ABAP in SAP NetWeaver BW to be able to meet user requirements. ABAP might be required in a start routine, end routine, expert routine, InfoPackage, Data Transfer Process, Analysis Process Designer, query, or field. Get basic knowledge on how to write ABAP code and the differences between each routine method.

Improve and Simplify Your Transformations by Using ABAP Objects ..... 86
by George Campbell-Kelly, Senior BI Consultant, Bluefin Solutions
Learn how to use ABAP Objects to improve your business code within transformations. This leads to reduced costs, accelerated delivery, and increased quality.

Dynamically Generate a Formatted Representation of Internal Tables for Output ..... 97
by David Duncombe, SAP Analyst, Powerlink Queensland
Use this table introspector utility class to dynamically generate a formatted representation of internal tables at run time, with support for subsequent output to various formats. This frees you from hand coding the operations at design time, allowing you instead to focus on the business logic of the application.


"Advancing Your ABAP Skills" comes complete with all of the following exclusive, timesaving downloads that cannot be found elsewhere:

  • A source code file that allows you to assign alphanumeric numbers to material numbers, which helps end users understand the use of material master data in the real world
  • Sample ABAP code for an expert routine, which should be used in special cases where there is no SAP built-in rule type available
  • 3 complete source code files for the table introspector utility class, which allows you to more easily store and manipulate internal tables in preparation for output to file, email, and SAP List Viewer (ALV) formats