Application Data Management, Second Edition

Application Data Management: Empower Business Teams to Get Data Right, Second Edition (PRINT)


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Businesses across industries are already starting to treat data as a strategic asset. But before your enterprise can leverage the trends of digital transformation or advanced analytics, you need to ensure that data in your enterprise applications, such as ERP or CRM, is trustworthy. This book introduces application data management (ADM) as a framework to empower business teams to maintain and govern high quality data in your enterprise applications. Once data quality improves, your organization will enjoy greater confidence in data, and thrive in the digital economy.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Application Data Management: Beginning Your Digital Journey
This chapter introduces the emerging Application Data Management (ADM) framework, and the importance of managing and governing data in your systems of record effectively to remain competitive in the digital future.

CHAPTER 2: ERP System – The Key Enterprise Application
While ERP systems are often the backbone of the organization, they come with their share of challenges. This chapter provides as overview of the training and data management challenges that often limit the benefits from implementing an ERP system.

CHAPTER 3: Data as a Strategic Asset in Your Digital Journey
Many companies are starting to treat data as a strategic asset, and move ownership and maintenance of data to functional or divisional business teams. This chapter walks through how organizations can leverage data effectively by ensuring data in enterprise applications is clean and high quality.

CHAPTER 4: Data Governance and Stewardship in ERP
This chapter discusses how improving data governance and stewardship practices across the enterprise can lead to significant gains in business performance and agility and how ADM tools can play a very important part of your data governance journey.

CHAPTER 5: Application Data Management Capabilities
This chapter reviews real world examples of how ADM can be used to manage data in enterprise applications like SAP ERP, and enable importance use cases like active and reactive data governance and operational data maintenance.

CHAPTER 6: ADM Adoption in the Enterprise
This chapter reviews real world examples of how organizations like Cooper Tires Company and Linde are using ADM in the enterprise.

CHAPTER 7: ADM in the IT Stack
While Application Data Management (ADM) is similar to Master Data Management (MDM), it’s important to understand the differences. In this chapter, gain a better understanding of each framework, and how ADM fits into the enterprise IT stack compared to MDM and other technologies.

CHAPTER 8: Getting Started with ADM
In this chapter, learn how your organization can utilize lean principles to implement ADM.

CHAPTER 9: Conclusion: Summary and Final Thoughts
The final chapter provides takeaways from the book, and presents an outlook on the future of ADM, and next steps for implementing ADM in your enterprise.