SAP HANA Live: Real-Time Operational Reporting (Electronic Editions)


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Get an overview of the hundreds of SAP HANA Live (formerly part of the Composite Analytic Framework, or CAF) views that you can use to enable real-time operational reporting and analytics. Using this approach, companies can use standard views directly as data sources for reporting. This approach also enables companies to form an alternative foundation for much of the operational reporting currently done in enterprise data warehouses and data marts inside SAP Business Warehouse (BW).

It is important to understand that reporting in SAP HANA relies on three primary views types: attribute, analytical, and calculation views. Each view fulfills a specific function, which you will explore in detail in Dr. Bjarne Berg's article. SAP HANA Live leverages and extends these views into a virtual data model (VDM), which then can be used in reporting. Currently, SAP provides more than 800 pre-delivered views with SAP HANA Live that you can install on your Business Suite or SAP S/4HANA system.

SAP HANA Live is targeted at companies that run SAP Business Suite applications on SAP HANA. The views inside can also be combined with data from non-SAP applications. To understand SAP HANA and SAP HANA Live views in general, you have to know the difference between the different view types.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore SAP HANA Live functionality and how it aids in real-time reporting
  • Learn how to build custom SAP HANA views by extending pre-delivered SAP HANA Live views
  • Become familiar with the SAP HANA views and their role in reporting

Bonus Articles:

How to Change Infotype Data Using Standard Classes and Methods
by Rehan Zaidi, Senior SAP Technical Consultant
Learning Objectives:

  • The main classes and methods needed for programming infotype updates
  • The detailed steps for inserting new records in standard and custom infotypes
  • How to search and delete employee records in an infotype
  • How to change certain fields for an existing infotype record for employees

Information Management Options in SAP HANA: Smart Data Quality
by Don Loden, Director - Data & Analytics, Protiviti
Learning Objectives:

  • How to construct a real-time enabled data enrichment process in SAP HANA to cleanse and enhance data quality
  • Time-saving development best practices to accelerate your SAP HANA flowgraph development

Enhance Your Visualization and Analytical Capabilities for Accounts Receivable Aging Using SAP Lumira
by Anurag Barua, Independent SAP Advisor
Learning Objectives:

  • Prepare your source data prior to extracting it to SAP Lumira
  • Extract the data ¡¡ Do basic and advanced navigation for analysis
  • Do advanced visualization and analysis using value-added features such as calculated or measured dimensions

How to Use SAP BPC with SAP Cloud for Analytics
by Paul Davis, Vice President, VantagePoint Business Solutions and Graylin Johnson, Director of Enterprise Financial Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
Learning Objectives:

  • An overview of SAP’s new Cloud for Analytics tool
  • Use cases from both technical and functional perspectives on when to implement SAP Cloud for Analytics
  • How to set up a connection between SAP Cloud for Analytics and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)
  • How to set up integration routines, both for ad hoc and recurring extracts and retractions