Enhance Your BI Reporting Skills: Tips for Using SAP HANA, SAP Lumira, Design Studio, and Web Intelligence (Electronic Editions)

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SAP’s reporting offerings have exploded in the recent past. Changes and enhancements to SAP HANA, SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence have added significant functionality to SAP’s reporting toolbox. In this anthology from BI Expert, we offer a one-stop option for learning about these new functionalities and understanding how you can best use them to meet your company’s BI needs.

Starting with a look at monitoring SAP HANA performance with Design Studio, this anthology takes you on a journey through SAP’s reporting landscape. Featuring some of our most respected BI Expert authors, this collection covers the gamut of new SAP BI technology, including articles on how to choose—and use—the right reporting tools for your business, different options for building analytical dashboards with SAP Lumira, and using SAP Lumira with BEx query. Other articles show you how to build a mobile app on SAP HANA, what’s new (and coming soon) in SAP BPC in the cloud, and how to leverage SAP HANA and SAP BPC.

At BI Expert, our mission is to help you build your skills and achieve the business goals of the organizations you serve. This anthology has been curated with this guiding principle in mind—to help you advance your BI reporting knowledge and stay on the leading edge of SAP technology.

Each of these hand-picked articles has not only been written by an expert, but has also been reviewed for quality, completeness and accuracy by the seasoned BI Expert editorial team and our trusted panel of advisors.   

Table of Contents

SAP HANA Performance Monitoring Using Design Studio ..... 3
by Dr. Bjarne Berg, Senior Director of BI, COMERIT, Inc., and Michael Vavlitis, SAP BI Associate and Training Coordinator, COMERIT, Inc.
Learn the details around the process of developing and implementing SAP HANA performance monitoring using an application built by BusinessObjects Design Studio. Active performance monitoring is a vital measure for maintaining the stability of an SAP HANA system, and Design Studio offers the ideal capabilities to track the most important SAP HANA performance indicators.

Leveraging SAP HANA to Enhance SAP Business Planning and Consolidation’s Capabilities  ..... 19
by Sheldon Edelstein, Director, SAP Platform Solutions Group
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) 10.1, along with its host environments (SAP Business Warehouse [SAP BW] and SAP HANA) provide abundant design choices to meet today’s business planning needs. See a comparison between the various models available in BPC to facilitate appropriate model selection based on business priorities. The potential to enhance BPC capabilities by using SAP BW MultiProviders and virtual providers to facilitate virtualized information access to data not readily available to BPC natively is explored in detail. SAP BPC’s capabilities are extended by showcasing the various HANA function libraries that can interact with BPC data. In addition, techniques for accessing data residing in external repositories and allowing access to that data by BPC through the use of SAP HANA table views, SAP HANA virtual tables, and SAP HANA Smart Data Access are also explored.

How to Build an Analytical Dashboard with SAP Lumira Based on SAP CATS Data ..... 33
by Paulo Vitoriano, Freelance SAP Solution Architect, and Sergei Peleshuk, SAP BI and HANA Architect
Walk through a number of practical steps for setting up a simple analytical dashboard with SAP Lumira. Learn how to complete visualizations in SAP Lumira for a number of real Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) key performance indicators (KPIs). Analyzing proper business performance indicators on an analytical dashboard helps you make appropriate business decisions faster. The approach described for setting up a dashboard on CATS KPIs can be applied to any other business area with SAP or non-SAP data sources.

How to Use Formula Mode for Complex Analysis ..... 46
by Ned Falk, Senior Education Consultant, SAP
Learn how to use an often-overlooked feature of the Excel-based reporting toolbox: formula mode. Learn why formula mode makes SAP BW’s BEx Analyzer and BusinessObjects Analysis the preferred tools for heavy analysis users.

HANA Studio: The New Star Join Modeling ..... 56
by Ned Falk, Senior Education Consultant, SAP
Learn the basic steps to set up a new flavor of HANA information views, the star join graphical calculation view. Understand why it is a valuable new addition in the HANA Studio modeling tool chest.

Using SAP Lumira Desktop in Combination with SAP BW Queries ..... 63
by Ingo Hilgefort, Senior Director, Solution Management, Landscape Orchestration, SAP Canada
With the latest release of SAP Lumira Desktop, you can now connect directly from SAP Lumira Desktop to your SAP BW system using BEx Query connectivity. Learn the steps required to connect to SAP BW using this new option and see how your existing metadata is supported by SAP Lumira.

Administration and Implementation Tips for SAP Near Line Storage (NLS) Based on Sybase IQ ..... 76
by Gary Nolan, SAP BI Strategic Architect, Sapiex Associates LLC
There are challenges to implementing the Near Line Storage (NLS) solution using Sybase IQ, and pitfalls to look out for during implementation. Learn tips for how to determine what to archive, how to
segregate data, changes to the dataset, and understanding some features of the overall solution.

Selecting the Right BI Tool: SAP BusinessObjects BI Portfolio and Personas ..... 84
by Ingo Hilgefort, Senior Director, Solution Management, Landscape Orchestration, SAP Canada
With the acquisition of SAP BusinessObjects a few years back, SAP extended its offerings in the Business Intelligence (BI) area and is now in a position to offer companies a broad range of BI products. With this larger set of BI clients also comes more complexity when choosing the right BI tool based on your own specific requirements. Learn about the available options and how to choose the best BI tool to meet your company’s needs.

Selecting the Right BI Tool: Technical Requirements and Sample Scenarios ..... 93
by Ingo Hilgefort, Senior Director, Solution Management, Landscape Orchestration, SAP Canada
Learn the technical requirements of the SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio and how to use them to help you select the right BI tool. Find out how to use these new rules and apply them to some sample scenarios.

SAP HANA Studio-Based Modeling of BW Objects Without Transaction Code RSA1 ..... 106
by Ned Falk, Senior Education Consultant, SAP
Learn the steps needed to set up a HANA Studio user interface to access some of the BW modeling tasks normally done in BW transaction code RSA1. As HANA and BW modelers merge and overlap
tasks, the ability to model windows into each type of modelers’ worlds becomes more and more important.

A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Developing Mobile Applications on SAP HANA ..... 114
by Vivek Sharma, Manager, Capgemini US
In this step-by-step tutorial for developing an Android-based mobile application on SAP HANA, learn how to expose data from SAP HANA as an OData service, how to consume data from the OData service on a web application, and how to create an Android mobile application by using the PhoneGap hybrid web container. This article uses SAP HANA Service Pack 6, Android developer tools, and Cordova version 3.4.0.