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Hybrid Cloud Adoption: What’s the hold-up?

The growth of “going hybrid” in the DevOps world is growing. Yet, there is still hesitation to making the leap. Most of this uncertainty is surrounding the lack of real-world examples about the experience.
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The Business Case for the Cloud

Chapter 3 Excerpt
The cloud empowers business growth. I’m sure you’ve heard that over the past several years. What do I mean by that? Here are three business opportunities the cloud affords...
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How to Release a Marked Standard Cost Estimate in the Middle of the Month

As Seen In SAP Experts
Generally, you can release a cost estimate in the beginning of the month when no inventory movement has been completed. However, in some cases, such as when issues in price or in logistics master data arise, you may have to release the cost estimate in the middle of the month. In a standard SAP system, when you try to release a cost estimate after inventory has been updated, you receive an error message. Learn how to successfully release a marked cost estimate in the middle of the month in your SAP system even though inventory transactions have been completed.
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Publications Coming Soon!

Summer Edition

If you get as thrilled as we do about the latest and greatest in SAP technology innovations, then join us in jumping up and down with excitement over what we have on the way for you!

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Expert Insights into the Future of Analytics

The future of analytics is happening now, and we are helping to change and transform how we market based on the data we are now able to get. Knowing this, what does the next 5-30 years hold? We're not psychics, but 9 industry-leading experts shared their thoughts with us, and we think it sounds like a future we'll all want to be a part of!
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Popular Chapters

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  • Chapter 7: Phase Four: Transition

    In the final phase, transition, we go through what you can expect at go-live, followed by lengthy discussions regarding service level agreements, operations process training, and transition to cloud operations. We talk about intricacies of system stabilization and monitoring. Finally, we explore the options for business continuity and security

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  • Chapter 6: Phase Three: Build

    In the third phase, build, we walk through developing proofs of concept for your project. The chapter discusses how to take advantage of a provision-shared infrastructure, as well as strategies for building and testing that infrastructure. There is an examination on how to build and mitigate databases and applications, as well as planning the phase cutover. It also looks at automated provisioning and automated services.

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  • Chapter 5: Phase Two: Model

    The second phase of moving SAP to the cloud, model, contains an overview of the second half of onboarding to the cloud. It examples infrastructure requirements and design and walks the reader through the process of developing a workload analysis. The chapter discusses application and business process discovery as well as operational run books and migration strategy.

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  • Encryption

    The previous chapters [of SAP in the Cloud: Security Essentials] discussed how cloud providers can prevent an attacker from accessing your data. But what happens if an attacker does gain access? Does this mean it’s game over, data’s stolen, start running damage control? Not necessarily. This is where encryption can help you. In this chapter excerpt, we’ll cover what encryption is and how you can use it to protect your cloud-based SAP system.

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